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24 Hour Oasis - released 1994


Track listing

    1. 24 Hour Oasis
    2. Fornow
    3. Fightback
    4. Ghost
    5. The Surrender of Moragh
    6. Illusions
    7. Evening in Taos
    8. The Dealer
    9. Eden Breeze
    10. You've Been On My Mind
    11. Light at the end of the Tunnel
    12. Black Dreams
    13. 24 Hour Oasis


A collaborative album of original compositions from Bassist Neil Hannan Featured musicians: Graham Brazier Glen Ross Campbell George Chisholm Mike Farrell Nathan Haines Paul Kentell Colleen Rae-Gerrard Tama renata Dennis Ryan Brian Smith Mike Walker Martin Winch



Arranged and produced : Neil Hannan
Recorded at Scoop De Loop Studios in 1994, except Fornow, Ghost, You've been on my mind and 24 Hour Oasis which were recorded at Radio NZ.