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HEAD OVER BOOTS - released 2018


Track listing

    1. On The Edge of Country
    2. House of Cash
    3. Head Over Boots
    4. Drinking Problem
    5. It Aint My Fault
    6. Mama Dont Get Dressed Up For Nothing
    7. Country
    8. Tennessee Whiskey
    9. Honky Tonk Highway
    10. Just Got Started Loving You
    11. Doing It To Country Songs
    12. Lay Low
    13. Storms Never Last
    14. Jim and Jack and Hank
    15. and more


I hope you all enjoy this selection of music. On the previous albums I went back and included all the oldies from when I was growing up listening to my dad and his radio - and I still enjoy it today - but I thought it was time to bring you some new music, in my style, unabashedly Country. cheers Kevin



Kevin Greaves
Studio 515. Nashville TN
SDL Music Studios. Auckland NZ

NZ$20 + $5 p+p