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Track listing

    1. Christmas is for Jesus
    2. White Christmas
    3. Rock n Roll Christmas
    4. O Holy Night
    5. The Christmas Song
    6. Leroy the Redneck Raindeer
    7. Mistletoe and Wine
    8. Pretty Paper
    9. Christmas in NZ
    10. Blue Christmas
    11. Grandmas Christmas Card
    12. Rudolf the red nosed reindeer
    13. Silent Night
    14. I still can't say goodbye


Kevin says: I always wanted to do an album of duets with my friends. Its probably the most fun thing we get to do as entertainers, have a friend on-stage with you and perform a song or a whole show. And of course if the audience enjoy it, its even more amazing. My wife and Mother in-law both wanted a Christmas CD, so I thought why not combine the 2 ideas. But I have mixed it up some, rather than straight out duets on every song, I have featured my guest, to get the best result out of each song, as I try to do in our live shows. I truly hope you enjoy each song and pull this recording out every Christmas Season.

$20 + $5 P&P



Produced by: Kevin Greaves
Executive Producer: Don Herbert
Studios: Music tracked at,
800lbs Studio Nashville TN.
Engineer: Steve Cummings
Vocals at:
Tenfoot Studio, Taupiri, NZ
Engineer: Peter Van Gent
SDL Studio, Eden Tce. Auckland
Engineer: Neil Hannan
Chris Marion, Kevin Greaves
Photography and Front Cover Design:
John McCosh, Pandora Greaves
Nashville Musicians:
Chris Marion Keyboards
Kevin Grant Bass Guitar
Jason Roller Acoustic + Electric Guitars and Fiddle
Gary DiBenedetto Steel Guitar
Steve Cummings Drums
NZ Musicians:
Bruce French Saxophone
Marian Burns Fiddle on, Away in a Manger
Gray Bartlett Gut String, I Still Cant Say Goodbye
Chet OConnell Acoustic, I Still Cant Say Goodbye, Pretty Paper

Harmony Vocals:
Suzanne Lynch, Michelle Greaves,
Lex Greaves, Kevin Greaves
Darryl Lee Donnell (Nashville)