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DARKLY DREAMING - released 2015


Track listing

    1. The Moon
    2. The Dark Passenger
    3. The Code
    4. Playmates
    5. Fellow Travellers


  • Auckland Jazz Orchestra

  • Saxes & Woodwinds

  • Andrew Hall - Alto, Callum Passells - Alto

  • Ben McNicoll - Tenor, Isaac Crandell-Tanner - Tenor, David Edmundson - Tenor

  • Andrew Baker - Baritone

  • Clarinet - Naomi Dekker

  • Flute - Trudy Lile

  • Trumpets

  • Mike Booth, Jo Spiers, Mathew Verrill, Oliver Furneaux

  • Trombones

  • Haydn Godfrey, Mike Young, Glenn Bartlett, Darrell Farley

  • Rhythm Section

  • Matt Bray -Guitar, Matt Steele - Piano, Cameron McArthur - Bass, Cameron Sangster - Drums

  • Tim Atkinson - Musical Director



Recorded at Kenneth Myers Centre. Auckland. 5-7 December 2014
Recording Engineer : Doug Jane
Assistant Engineer : John Kim
Mixed & Mastered: Neil Hannan & Doug Jane @ sdlmusic
Photography: Dennis Thorpe
Design: Ben McNicoll

The AJO gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Ron Samsom
and the University of Auckland School of Music.

In 2009, Mike Booth and Tim Atkinson founded the AJO with the primary intention of showcasing new and original New Zealand compositions.
The AJO draws its membership from tertiary graduates, music teachers and professionals. They all have the common goal of promoting local music and testing their collective skills in a Big Band setting. The 17 piece jazz ensemble has performed with a variety of guest soloists and singers, both local and international.

NZ$20 + $5 P&P