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Plugged In and Blue - released 0000


Track listing

    1. Long Night Blues
    2. Groom still Waiting
    3. Bring it on Home
    4. It's my own Fault
    5. It's been too Long
    6. Believe to my Soul
    7. Nobody Knows You
    8. Louise
    9. Daylight Robbery
    10. Who did all this to Me
    11. Faded Love


"This live album is best played LOUD" - Hammond Gamble - Guitar, Vocals, Neil Hannan - Bass, Stuart Pearce - Keyboards, Dennis Ryan - Drums



Recorded by Paul Crowther, live one wild Friday night in 1995 at Auckland's infamous "Gluepot". Additional recording by Stuart Pearce and Hammond Gamble.
Produced by Stuart Pearce.
Mastered at Airforce Studios.
Distributed by Metro Marketing.