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Back to the Well - released 2014


Track listing

    1. Love is an Ocean
    2. Maxton Mo and Bloxie
    3. I'll Drown in my own Tears
    4. Struggling Man
    5. Down to the Bone
    6. That's what I Love
    7. Payback in the Pipeline
    8. Back to the Well
    9. Big Medicine
    10. Growing out of the Blues
    11. One Bad Hammer
    12. That's no way to get along
    13. Tigertown
    14. Time is on my Side


Midge Marsden - Vox and Harmonica
Mike Abbott - Drums
Chet OConnell - Guitars
Neil Hannan - Basses
Grant Winterburn - Keyboards
Neil Forrest - Guitars, Lap Steel & Percussion
Hammond Gamble - Guitars
Alex Deane - Acoustic Guitar
Vaughn Roberts - Trumpet
Mark Dennison - Alto & Bari Sax
Tim Sutton -Bass Trombone
Pete France - Tenor Sax
Cherie Mathieson - BV
Kiri Eriwata - BV
Tony Cowper - BV

LOVE IS AN OCEAN. Kiwi bluesman Darren Watson wrote this track, our version here features Hammond Gamble on guitar. When we'd finished we found we had a Texas soul feel.

MAXTON, MO AND BLOXIE. A noir story of the infamous Duke Hotel in central Wellington, from Alex Deane, a great wordsmith and musician.

I'll DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS. A Gospel drenched plea from 1951. Written by Henry Glover, a brilliant black musician from Alabama, who also wrote 'Peppermint Twist' For me a track I've wanted to record in a studio for 20 years.STRUGGLING MAN. Presbyterian reggae. Jimmy Cliff was never a Rasta, but even before Marley he spread the reggae word with 'The Harder They Come'.DOWN TO THE BONE. We go deep into the South Side with a blues from Neil Hannan. Our homage to Chicago blues.THAT'S WHAT I LOVE. One of two tracks from the revered song writer Bill Lake. I first recorded Bill's songs on '12 Bars From Mars' in 1983. Check out the piano solo in the fade on a Wurlitzer that once belonged to Sharon O'Neill and then Ritchie Pickett.PAYBACK IN THE PIPELINE. Being at the 2010 Sunflower blues festival in Clarksdale Mississippi, made me realise how much of my love of the music comes from the Delta pioneers, men like Son House. My dear friend Willie Foster now lies next to Charley Patton in the Hollyridge graveyard. BACK TO THE WELL. South Africa via Hamilton. From the pen of the talented Alex Deane. Slightly out of character for me, but too good to be left unsung. BIG MEDICINE. From Singer Mark Sandman, a fascinating figure. An alternate rock cult hero who died on stage at 46, playing with his band Morphine.GROWING OUT OF THE BLUES. More magic from Bill Lake. When we finished we discovered we'd unintentionally followed the Muscle Shoals message: Less is more.ONE BAD HAMMER. Ideas can arrive in the strangest of places. We met Colleen Grey from Shannon after a gig in Palmerston North. Her lyrical ideas sparked this song.THAT'S NO WAY FOR ME TO GET ALONG. Reverend Robert Wilkins wrote two versions of this song in the 1930's. The second, 'Prodigal Son' was covered by the Rolling Stones in 1968.TIGERTOWN. Looking back at growing up in the shadow of Mt Taranaki-Egmont, learning about rock and roll from the jukebox at the Port milkbar. With thanks to Noel (Tiki) and Don Harris for publishing the book.TIME IS ON MY SIDE. A song I've loved from my teenage days in Bari and the Breakaways. The Stones had the hit, and here's our take on a wonderful seldom heard song.



Produced by: Neil Hannan
Recorded and Mixed by: Doug Jane and Neil Hannan
Mastering: SDL MUSIC Auckland NZ
Photography: Jocelyn Carlin
Design: Theresa Frankovich