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COLD HARD WINTER - released 1997


Track listing

    1. Love's a thing worth fighting for
    2. Gypsy Woman
    3. Trouble with a capital T
    4. Cold hard winter
    5. Slow down your fall
    6. Final curtain
    7. All just a part of the game
    8. Sleep won't come
    9. When the circus came to town
    10. One in a million
    11. Hall of the Memphis King


Musicians: Pete Bayliss - electric/acoustic guitars Glenn R Campbell - pedal steel/dobro Neil Hannan - bass guitar Ricky McShane - drums Al Hunter - acoustic rhythm guitar/percussion Stuart Pearce - piano/organ Cath Newhook - fiddle Harry Lyon - mandolin



Produced by Neil Hannan and Al Hunter
Recorded at Scoop de Loop Studios. Drum Tracks recorded at Avondale College. Thanks to Les Taylor and Feltonmix for special assistance.
Released by SDL Music Ltd.


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