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A Place to Play - released 1998


Track listing

    1. Radio Radio
    2. The Least You Could Do
    3. Rachel
    4. Daisy's Chain
    5. Tearing My Old Heart Down
    6. A Place To Play
    7. Hotel Room
    8. The Place
    9. English Rose
    10. My Plane
    11. Praying For Rain
    12. The Course Of True Love
    13. There Ain't No TV Show Like This


Musicians: Glen Moffatt - vocals/backing vocals Gordon Joll - drums/percussion Jeremy Dart - electric guitar Robin Galley - acoustic and electric guitars Neil Hannan - bass guitar Stuart Pearce - piano/synthesizer Glenn R Campbell - pedal steel guitar/dobro Reuben Cutts - organ Jono Lonie - mandolin/fiddle Marian Burns - fiddle Yogi Martin - piano accordion Colin Speir - banjo Malcolm McCallum - backing vocals Michelle Greaves - backing vocals Ritchie Pickett - duet vocals on 'English Rose'



Producers - Glen Moffatt and Neil Hannan
Engineer - Neil Hannan
Recorded at Scoop de Loop Studio, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

NZ$25 + $5 p+p